The highest recorded winds ever recorded in recent history struck Los Gigantes at 1 am local time causing massive devastation and disruption.  


Entire apartment terrace sucked away by the hurricane
Entire terrace areas were ripped apart by the winds


Roof tiles  and roofing felt were lifted like confetti and rained down on to Los Gigantes Marina smashing windows and blitzing outside furniture with impunity. The hotel of Los Gigantes had a major section of exterior cladding stripped off and the hotel guests were evacuated for a time. Window frames were wrenched from their hinges and disappeared into the wind. The focus of the winds was only in Los Gigantes. The neighbouring towns the nearest of which is less than a kilometre away was unscathed.

Los Gigantes Tenerife
Such was the force of the wind terrace doors imploded wreaking havoc to interiors  
Reports emanating from the Harbour Master's office in the Marina of Los Gigantes suggest that wind speeds peaked at an incredible 275 kilometres per hour. The winds began to abate at around midday although the authorities had cordoned off the marina preventing any entry or departure for most off the day. Many business owners arrived to find that their terrace furniture had either blown away completely or was floating in the marina. 48 hours afterwards many of the bars and restaurants are still unable to open for business as the big clean up continues.
Los Gigantes
An entire palm tree snapped in half as though it were a twig  

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