After a public held meeting hosted by the Ayuntamiento of Santiago del Teide (The Town Hall) and Costa (The Coastal Authority) it was revealed the the closure of Los Gigantes beach is imminent to facilitate improvements. Proposed improvements include

  • Extending the steel mesh safety netting that is fixed to the cliff face to the far end of the beach
  • The removal of rocks and stones from the beach
  • Dredging the marina of Los Gigantes of sand and depositing it to extend the length of the beach
  • Extending the concrete block breakwater from the marina entrance in order to protect the beach from high waves

Further proposals include turning Los Gigantes in to 'Blue Zone' parking area. Parking will be free for the first two hours and charged by tariff there after.

The beach is to be closed at the end of March and opened to the public again at the beginning of June.

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