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The popular bar OffShore 44 in Los Gigantes Marina is closed until further notice.
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Half way down the road to the beach in Los Gigantes you will find

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That's right folks. This is investigative web journalism at it's best. There are now public toilets available on the Marina. If you need to spend a penny, but don't want to spend 1.50€ on a cafe con leche to use the toilets, relieve yourself for free as from now. You will find them located in the passage way between La Terazza and Santa Maria.
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The supermarket chain 'Hiperdino' is taking over the local branch of Transito at San Fransisco in Los Gigantes. It is not clear at this time if Hiperdino has acquired the entire chain of Transito supermarkets.

It has been confirmed by staff members that the Transito branch at Vigilia Park will remain open and in their (Transito) control. Under who's control is unclear and could be the result of a staff buyout. Watch this space.

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If you did not know, the 30th of April was the last day in which to declare to Hacienda (Spanish Tax Office) if you have savings, investments or property in excess of €50,000 even if those assets are invested

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