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So where is Tenerife exactly?  
Tenerife lies some 80 km West of the coast of Africa and is on a similar latitude to Florida in the USA .
The Largest of the seven Canary Islands , Tenerife is dominated by a rocky back bone of mountains which culminate with the volcanic summit of El Teide which at 3 , 718 M is the highest mountain in Spanish territory .
In the language of the Guanches, the first settlers in the Canaries , Tenerife literally means... " Snowy Mountain. " The last recorded eruption was in 1798 . The capital city is Santa Cruz and flying time from the UK is approximately four and a half hours . Transfer time to Los Gigantes is about 40 minutes by car .
Los Gigantes
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Is it a popular destination? Will my Mobile Phone work there okay?
It certainly is . The Canary Islands rank among the top ten holiday destinations in the world and Tenerife is visited by over one and half million British tourists every year . Depends upon the model and the type of contract you have . To be certain check with your air time contract provider and enquire about a roaming service for international calls .
Do I need to bring my Brolly? Any disabled facilities in Los Gigantes?
Only to keep the Sun off . While the Marina itself is perfectly level and the apartment complex of Poblado Marinero ( the rooms overlooking the Marina ) have lifts and wheelchair ramps , the town of Los Gigantes is built onto a steep hillside and thus may not be the ideal resort for disabled persons nor mums with push chairs .
So it's hot then is it? Is it worth bringing any appliances?
Scorch-io . Records indicate that coastal temperatures average 25 to 30 degrees C annually , but expect peak Summer time temperatures to exceed this . A word of caution - because Tenerife is so much nearer to the Equator , you can still burn through a cloudy sky . Baldies and youngsters should wear hats and t shirts for the first couple of days . Everyone should apply large amounts of high factor sun screen. Please be sensible when out in the sun ! No problem . Just don't think about bringing a portable TV because UK models will not work properly here . However, you will need to bring 3 pin to 2 pin adaptors with you in order to plug in your hair dryer . While we are talking about the services here a word of warning about the water . Mains water is fine for bathing and washing , but do not drink the tap water . For drinking and making tea and coffee you must buy bottled water from the supermarket . Also , power cuts do occur here so packing a small torch is a good idea .
What is the Currency there? Can I get more information on arrival?
Tenerife along with the other Canary Islands and main land Spain have adopted the Euro as their unit of currency . What that means to you and me is that those old Pesetas from previous Spanish holidays tucked away in the top drawer are now worthless . Yes .There is a Tourist Information office in Playa de la Arena (click on Maps and Directions ) that supplies bus timetables , maps for walkers and other local information details . Their staff speak excellent English .
What about Nightlife? To call the UK from Tenerife
Well , unlike our bigger cousins of Las Americas and Los Christianos , there are no discos or nightclubs per se in Los Gigantes , but there are a few bars in the town that stay open until the wee small hours and provide karaoke and live entertainment . If it's a quiet and relaxing holiday destination you are looking for then Los Gigantes is the place for you . If you want the all night club scene , Las Americas is only 20 minutes or so away by taxi.

To call the UK from Tenerife dial the international code first ( 00 44 ) followed by your local area code.. ( Omitting the first digit , normally zero ) then the number you require in the UK .
Thus to phone Bradford ( 01274 ) you would dial .00 44 - 1274 - 123456
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